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Haihua Li

Vice President and Chief Engineer

Mrs. Haihua Li has been working in CAICT for about 17 years from the very beginning engaged in the ICT related technology research, standardization activity, test certification. Her research areas include the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Industrial Internet, etc.  She is the vice chairperson of ASTAP, chairperson of general working group of AII (Alliance of Industrial Internet) and chairperson of the general working group of CCSA ST8 (China Communications Standardization Association well know within China’s domestic technology and manufacturing sector).

My job keeps tracks of the emerging technology, new trends in ICT domain, reporting to the Chinese governments and helping develop standards and related certification test, as well as offering consulting services to the Chinese industry.

CAICT proactively responds to challenges presented by new technologies and new business modes and strives to build up a “government – enterprise – university - research institute - user” business development pattern based on technological innovation. It gets through the channel for transformation of technological achievements and realizes effective connection between the innovation chain and the industrial chain.
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