Case Study: Cleared for Take-Off – Rolls-Royce’s Journey to Digital

With more than 30 years of experience using digital technology to monitor the health of thousands of aero engines operating worldwide, Rolls-Royce envisions a future where data-enabled knowledge allows us to understand every minute manufacturing detail, in-use duty cycle and through-life service history to location and condition. This level of optimisation will reduce operating costs, minimise ground time, and increase customer satisfaction.

IoT technology provides the end-to-end network which enables intelligent monitoring and control of the physical environment by collecting, processing, and analysing the data generated by sensors or smart objects, which in turn drives higher productivity and operational efficiency at a lower cost. A more connected future will allow our assets to communicate directly with customer assets and the operational environment of an airport, so that our engines can connect directly to the tooling required to carry out the inspection, identify the location and condition of spare parts, talk directly with the engine stand and integrate the task into a daily plan of activities of the local service partner.

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