Unlock the business value of IoT in the Logistics Industry

Logistics management requires monitoring multiple activities throughout the whole process in supply chain across manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and so on. The diverse and new technological application of Industry 4.0 are increasingly becoming the focus of enterprises in the world. But which exact benefits does Industry 4.0 bring to the logistics management, such as digitization, data analytics and shared data? Internet of Things (IoT), among other technologies, provides businesses with tools for planning, monitoring, and heightening the security of logistics activities. In this presentation, Keith will explain how IoT impact in the Logistics Industry.

  • The key process of logistics activities throughout the supply chain
  • Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) impact in Logistics
  • IoT implementation strategy and potential benefits
  • Case example(s) on how to apply IoT in Logistics
  • What’s Next

Keith Kwok

Senior Project Manager
Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd


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