Managing Cyber Security for Process Industries

As the process industry continues to digitize and become more interconnected, managing cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of ensuring operational reliability, protecting sensitive information, and preventing cyber attacks. This requires the implementation of robust cybersecurity measures and the adoption of a comprehensive cybersecurity management strategy that considers the unique characteristics and challenges of the process industry.

  • Cybersecurity is essential in ensuring the reliability of process industry operations and protecting sensitive information.
  • The digitization and interconnectivity of the process industry have increased the risk of cyber attacks and made cybersecurity management more critical.
  • A comprehensive cybersecurity management strategy is necessary to address the unique challenges of the process industry.
  • Robust cybersecurity measures, such as access control, network segmentation, and intrusion detection, are crucial in protecting process industry assets from cyber threats.
  • Collaboration between stakeholders, including industry experts, regulators, and cybersecurity professionals, is crucial in managing cybersecurity risks in the process industry.

Shahrul Rashid

Head of Technical Excellence

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