How to construct the business case for IIoT across your organisation

The technologies offered for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space are numerous. Offering solutions for a wide variety of use cases. The reality is often that IIoT investments fail to deliver the promised value. Often as the implementation of IIOT solutions do not fully offer the benefits from further automation (industry 4.0) or do not deliver the personalized benefits for its users (industry 5.0). This presentation will focus on identifying the business drivers for IIoT, the solution stack required and on data-to-insights value creation and monetisation. Providing examples on how to identify and quantify the value and gains. And how to build the internal business case for IIoT.

  • Design for and enable data value creation across all business value drivers
  • Constructing the IIoT solution stack to deliver on business value drivers
  • Building the business case for IIoT across your organisation

Martijn Zomers

Associate Director | Service Innovation and Strategy
Cambridge Consultants


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