MFA – Unlocking the 5G private network opportunity

Production processes are more complex than ever, with thousands of devices per network, each conducting business-critical applications. Logistics, mining, manufacturing, and similar industries utilize advanced technologies that require the low latency, high network availability, and reliability that 5G private networks offer. MFA, the Alliance for private networks, is championing global industry adoption in any applicable spectrum. This presentation will highlight the benefits of private networks and provide insight into the resources and tools MFA provides to help simplify the process for private network deployment.

  • Production processes have become increasingly complex with the integration of thousands of devices per network, all performing business-critical applications.
  • Industries such as logistics, mining, and manufacturing rely on advanced technologies that demand low latency, high network availability, and reliability, which are provided by 5G private networks.
  • The MFA (Alliance for private networks) is actively promoting the adoption of private networks in various industries across the globe, utilizing applicable spectrum.
  • Highlighting the numerous benefits of private networks for these industries.

Ehsanul Islam

VP Engineering & Regional Head
Qualcomm SEA


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